Database Hosting

Store your data securely in the cloud on our database servers. We have the ability to custom configure our servers to meet most any database requirement.

sql server database hosting

One of the best database engines in the industry, MSSQL is Microsoft’s high performance, scalable, and secure database platform. Microsoft SQL Server has many functions and advanced database server possibilities. It has tools for database management, data optimization, and data querying. Since it is scalable, MSSQL is the best choice for companies expecting to grow or use the database for long periods of time. Additional options include SQL Server Agent and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

mysql database hosting

MySQL is one of the oldest database management systems still in mainstream use. An open-source software created by Oracle, it’s customizable to your own specific needs, since its code is publicly available. MySQL is also popular because it can run on any platform, be it Linux, UNIX, Windows, etc. It has tools for database management, data optimization and data querying. While it is a very flexible database, MySQL is not designed to be scalable, which can make it an unworthy choice for companies expecting to grow.