Secure Certificates

Secure your website with an SSL (https) Secure Certificate. There are many benefits of having an SSL certificate protecting your website.

  • Customer Trust
  • Customer Security
  • Improved Search Engine (SEO) Rankings
  • Protected Encryption Layer
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SSL Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) might sound complex, but it's actually not. The SSL certificate encrypts the communication between your web site and your site visitors so no one else can eavesdrop or steal information. It also verifies your website’s identity to make sure it’s legitimate.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an updated version of SSL. We sell TLS, but most people still call it SSL because that’s the term everyone knows. TLS is a little more secure, so businesses like banks will insist on it, but for most websites it doesn’t make much of a difference. Our Certificates are compatible with both SSL and TLS protocols.

If web searches are important to your website, Google ranks sites with SSL higher than sites that aren't protected. SSL Certificates increase SEO, protect your customers, and let them know they can trust your website.

Additionally, web browsers label websites that aren’t encrypted by SSLs as “Not Secure” and it can scare away website visitors.

When people type your site’s domain name into their browser, the encryption confirmation will be a visible padlock and ‘https://’.

When your SSL Certificate is issued, we’ll send you an email with easy instructions. If you're already hosting your website through our control panel, it is very easy!